27/12/20193 min read

5 hacks that will ease your life during your business trips!

We all know that problems during a business trip are inevitable, however, if you follow most of the tips down below, there is a big chance that even if some problems would appear, you will be able to pass it unharmed.

1. Pack like a pro!

When it comes to travelling, everything good and bad often starts with the decisions you take while packing. The most important part of every trip is the time during packing. One of the most important things to remember is to not put all of your things in the check-in bag. This is to make sure that in case if the ground service mishandles your luggage, you would still have your essentials in your carry on bag. All you would need is, Medication, Laptop, valuables & a set of clothes for a day.. If possible, try not to check in your luggage and put all in your carry on bags.. It is best to have your stuff with you. 

2. Visa

One of the things you should definitely have if you were to go to a country that is strict on it. This is not even a hack, this is a very important thing to remember, you would not want to be in a situation where you have reached the airport only to find out that your visa has expired. 

3. Business flights tips

This is for all that travel on business trips via an aeroplane. It is the fastest possible way to cross the country, however, if you are unlucky, your flight can be a real pain. Try to avoid having problems simply by:

  • When you book your flights, don’t forget to have some time for a layover, especially in countries where immigrants are strict. Ensure you have at least 2.5 – 3 hours to be at the airport to ensure that you will have time in case if anything goes wrong…
  • Ensure to wear a comfortable outfit especially if it is a long flight, it would help you rest better in the plane. 

4. Loyalty benefits

If you are someone that goes for a business trip once a year, maybe this would not apply to you, but if you travel at least once a month every year, this definitely should be mandatory for you.
You get benefits as a loyal guest of the airline or the hotels you normally go to, if you are a premium member of the airline’s loyalty program, you would even get access to the business 

5. Airport Security Check

There are ways for you to go through a security check at the airport quicker:

Airport Security Check

There are ways for you to go through a security check at the airport quicker:

  • Prepare yourself in advance, ensure to empty your pockets and ensure all bottles or drinks are taken out for the x-ray. 
  • Have all your toiletries in a plastic bag
  • If you have a power bank then check it is suitable to fly with depending on the airline’s policy. 
  • Always pick the right lane, meaning that you should avoid the ones with older people/ families with kids / those going on vacation. Look for the lines with people holding laptop bags and small carry over bags, there’s a high chance those people would also want a quick security check like you. 

We hope that this list will help you avoid some troubles and would be beneficial for you.