19/11/20192 min read

5 Reasons why you should use Ezbiztrip

Travel is one of the biggest payments for companies.

When it comes to business travel, you would book that 830 am flight because it all falls under the company’s budget.
Employees will spend up to the maximum allowance.

How will companies manage their travellers to ensure both happy and encourage them to pick the cheaper option?

Providing great support

Ezbiztrip provides great support 24 hours support for our travellers for when they have any queries via our chatbot. From 9am-6pm they are able to call our office and any time after 6pm our chatbot is live 24 hours!

More options for travellers 

Ezbiztrip shows you the best deals and they are able to gain full control over their travel plans. 

Gain full insights

Management can easily see the company savings, employee spending, and all travel trends in our platform. It will also help companies save more as they are able to see a real-time analytic on spending and budgets. 

Free & Easy 

As a modern and easy platform, it will be very easy and quick to adopt and use Ezbiztrip. Especially with our On-the-go system and notifications and live itinerary updates, travelling for work will definitely be fun again!

Employees Incentives 

With Ezbiztrip, employees can earn more rewards when they choose effective travel options. Our customers save up to 25% on their travel spend. And best yet, you get rewarded for it!