07/11/20193 min read

6 important things for first-time business travellers

There’s always a first time for everything and for business travellers, the first time is exciting yet confusing. Or maybe just purely confusing? 

Business trips can be stressful at times, especially if it is your first time in a new country and a new place that you have not been to before. This is why having a clear itinerary is important for travellers and also important to employers as well. Here are some preparations that you could use to help prepare yourself for your first business trip!

Good preparations:

  1. Limit Luggage: If it’s a 2-3 day, limit luggage to a carry-on, if possible. Pack smart by selecting basics in neutral colours to alternate, downsizing to travel-size toiletries, and minimizing extra items such as books or cumbersome electronics. 
  2. Itinerary Mastery: Although the trip has been booked by the company, try to compile your itinerary into a tracker such as one of our features that allows you to track your itinerary before, during and after your trip. 
  3. Limit Out-Of-Pocket Expenses: Usually we would recommend you avoid the dread of compiling your expense reports by keeping all receipts in an envelope, wallets, purse, briefcase or pockets. But since we have a feature that allows you to take snap a photo of your receipts and attach it to the platform, it gives you so much more convenience.

Business First, Pleasure Later: 

  • Schedule accordingly and smartly. Give yourself enough time between meetings and appointments so that you don’t overbook yourself. Factor in travel time, traffic, and any inclement weather that may impede arrival. Plan dinners a little later than usual until you can navigate the city with ease. 
  • Know Your Limits – Remember that you’re not there to enjoy the nightlife- Business is a priority, after all, that is why you are there in the first place. While you may be excited to experience a new city, save the crazy adventures for pleasure travel. Know your limits before you hit the town with coworkers, and don’t drink as though you’re out with your buddies. Remember that you’re representing your company. 
  • Nix the All-Nighters – Keep your morning agenda in mind and get a full 8 hours of sleep before the first meeting. If that means cutting the night short so that you’re ready to go the next day, so be it. 

Wherever your business travels take you, keep these tips handy for a memorable experience worth every moment.