20/04/20203 min read

After this, Monday will not be as bad as we think it is.

Monday has a bad reputation for a reason. 

It’s hard to be back into normal work life especially if you didn’t have a super relaxing weekend. 

Especially during this work from home period, The practice of “ The Monday life Hack “ could be really helpful and here’s why!

How does “ The Monday Life ” Hack helps simplify your week?

The Monday Life Hack is that you don’t schedule anything extra to happen on Mondays. 

  • No work meetings 
  • No doctor appointments 
  • No crazy work out 
  • No coffee dates 

And why is that?

It’s easy, if you don’t schedule so many things on Monday, you will only have to deal with normal Monday stuff. 

Monday can be rough all on its own without any extra activities going on. Its a much easier way to start the week. 

You can get back into your normal weekly routine. 

We have a bad habit of staying up late on the weekends and completely getting out of our normal routines. 

It’s nice to have a day to get back into our weekly routine. It sets the tone for the whole week instead of starting the week feeling rushed. 

Sunday can just be Sunday

If we have special things happening on Monday, it kind of ruins my relaxing Sunday.

First of all, I’m worried I’ll forget that we have something going on because I haven’t flipped the page in my planner yet. Plus, I end up running around Sunday night trying to prep whatever we need for an appointment or activity.

As a generally anxious person, I have a hard time relaxing on Sunday knowing that something out of the ordinary is planned for the next day. It feels silly to admit, but it’s the truth.

How to make it work for you :

  • Don’t schedule anything for a Monday – It’s as simple as that. Pick a different day to have your work/teleconference video calls, pick a different day for that dentist appointment, of course, if you can. It will make a big difference. 
  • Pick a different day. Maybe you like to get things done early in the week but would rather not have anything extra going on, on Friday right before the weekend starts. If you like this instead, then make the “ The Friday Life Hack. If there’s a day of the week that is particularly crazy and stressful for you, make that day a “ Nothing extra “ Kind of day. 

This is such a simple yet effective concept. 

The Monday Life Hack is simple, hence it made easy to overlook. 

If you struggle with a crazy and stressful Monday, then The Monday Life Hack might be helpful for you.

You can also take a look at the Pomodoro Technique and use it together with The Monday Life Hack