27/03/20204 min read

Appreciate The Little Things Of Working From Home

Working from home can be worrying for some employers as they are unable to track any of the work physically. Fortunately, there apps like Slack, Trello and even zoom, you can monitor your employees closely and ensure the task is being done.

As for employees, it can be unpleasant to work from home for any numerous reason. But at times like this, looking at the bright side is most important, so let’s take a look a few numbers of benefits we have from working from home!

1. Avoiding the Commute

Without a doubt, avoiding the commute is one of the greatest benefits of working from home. Often people take 45 minutes – 1 hour every single day. That is actually madness. This is also what most of us Singaporeans do, we tend to optimize our finances. In some cases, that means living a million miles away from the office to save that $250 on our mortgage. Or avoid taking grab or taxi to save that $30. 

Let’s admit it, we spend almost 2 hours per day commuting, eight hours sleeping ( I know, never happens ), 8 hours working ( Could be more or lesser for some ) but that itself leaves an average of 5 hours left in your day.  And that time does not even include time to get ready for work, make dinner, and relax from a long, stressful day.
So what happens next? You probably don’t get that “ 8 Hours “ of sleep. Your level of stress level increases and your work productivity eventually decreases as you did not get enough rest. 

To those who drive instead of taking public transport, Yes! We hear you too!

The road rage, the long traffic heading towards the CBD area and ERP?! Those can really affect our mood especially when it is the beginning of our day. 

2. You Get To Work At Your Own Comfort 

This is actually related to point number 1, However, “ working from home “ does not necessarily mean you actually gave to work from home

In other words, you can work from wherever you want. For example : 

A coffee shop, your garden, your neighbourhood if they have wi-fi. 

However, once you find one that works well for you, generally that will continue to be the case.  One other issue with being able to work from anywhere in potential pressure to always be working. We need to take time off for our own sanity as well. 

But sometimes, being able to work anywhere, anytime can make people workaholics at a not so healthy level. 

3. Working At The Comfort Of Your Outfit 

Yup. Some people who work from do work with their Pyjamas, gym outfits or even just a relaxed dress code. Unless of course not if there is video call/meetings whilst working from home. 

If pyjamas are your jam, then working from home could be, too! 

4. Saving Money

I’m sure everyone likes to save money. And working from home can do just do that! Sure, it might not make an enormous difference, but every cent counts. 

It is the same as point 1 when you do not have to commute for work, you save quite some money from the Mrt / busses especially during the peak hours. 

Since you are not constantly out and about, making food at home is much easier. Do that instead of going to restaurants all the time and you will see how much money you could t actually saved.  At the end of the day, the best thing about working from home is that it will give you more freedom and the ability to be comfortable. 

Rather than having to structure your entire day around your commute plus being in the office, you are able to do things more your own way. 

So, the result? You save time and money. You will be less stressed and you are more productive. If that does not make you want to work from home, I am not sure what will.

5. Spending More Time With Loved one More Than Before

Surely, If you have kids and you tell them ” I am not going to work today ” You will see a big smile on their faces. Take this opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones more than before especially during this period of time.