11/03/20203 min read

Best Business Travel Hacks to Boost Productivity

Use A Checklist 

There’s a reason why the concept of a checklist has been ensured so long across so many industries. With the hustle & bustle of preparing your business travel, the chances of you forgetting something is very high. But you can prevent that by compiling a checklist well in advance. You can even use a note-taking app on your phone to keep a recurrent list that you can update as necessary.

All you will have to do it ensure to check all the task that has been made/done and then you can start a new fresh one for your new trip. 

Book in advance. 

When you are booking your flight, ensure to leave a gap between expected touchdown time and during the time of your meeting/event if you are unable to book your flight a day before.

However, if you are able to book a day before your trip/event,
use that time to unwind, rest and refresh and you will still be able to still attend even if there’s a delay with your flight. 

In this case, the key to a stress-free trip is to invest a little bit of your time to plan thing thoroughly in advance, increasing productivity and convenience along the way. 

Keeping Healthy

Travelling often means you will be meeting people, eating out with clients and event in events. Something as simple as antibacterial wipes can go a long way to ensuring that you do not catch any illnesses.

Also, you will need to watch your diet and make the extra effort to find healthy food instead of just going to the nearest restaurant you find at the airport or in the city you arrived.

This might cost you more than usual but it will be worth it in the long run. 

Research Your Financing Choices. 

Travelling can be very costly, but there is always a number of ways to cut down on travel cost.

You can get hotel credit cards, which will entitle you to free stays depending on how much you have used them, it is not like airline miles. Usually, you can also stack the benefits up and earn yourself a very low-cost trip. 

Another cost-saving method would be to only use no-fee ATM cards. Different banks do offer them or YouTrip. Be sure to check the fine print to see which one would be most beneficial for you. 

Use tech tools to maximize your time. 

Instead of spending your time in the airport lounge feeling bad about your fate and wondering,
why you are making the 50th business trip of the year and it is only April.
You can spend that time making sure your travel experience will be smooth sailing.

You can use EzBizTrip to manage your business travel expenses while on the road,
check on your incentive travel rewards and submit your business travel expense report if you are already on your way back to your country.