24/01/20204 min read

Business Travel During Chinese New Year Period

It’s almost time for Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) to begin, and that means if you’re planning to go for any business trips, it is going to be slightly harder than you expected especially if you are going to Asia. Celebrations and festivals like this will most likely be disruptive to travelers. 

Here’s what to expect when you have a business trip around Asia during the Chinese New Year period. 

Usually, when people think of Chinese New Year, you would think that it is celebrated only in China. That’s not true. If you are traveling to business hub cities like Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Or Kuala Lumpur, you can expect to see the unexpected. 

Heaps of businesses/shops would be closed and you will find streets filled with tourists instead of the locals. 

So where would all the locals be?

Most of the time, during the time of Chinese New Year, most of the people celebrating would go back to their hometown. It is definitely going to be impossible to get any business deals done over this period of time. 

Is everything closed?

More often than not, the business will be closed between 3-5 working days and some other companies will be closed between 1-2 weeks. It varies on what kind of companies – Usually, Most smaller or family-run businesses and government services. Hence, it is very unlikely that you will get any business done during the Chinese New Year. 


There is plenty to do on your business trip during this time. You can still enjoy sightseeing and going to all those tourist destinations as it will be open as normal, large shopping malls as well as restaurants. However, you would probably need to book restaurants and cafes in advance because not everywhere will be open but if they are, they will be extremely packed!

Would it be more expensive to travel?

Absolutely. During this time, traveling would be more expensive. As there will be such high demand and lots of people traveling all over. This causes hotels, flights and even transportations such as trains, public transport to be much more expensive and sometimes even sold out. 

So how advanced should you book your business travel, hotels & transport?

As soon as you get confirmation that you are going to ASIA for your business trip, you should look into organizing your travel, hotel, transportation as early as possible, sometimes it would take at least 5 months beforehand to secure your place. However, if your business trip is a last-minute trip and you have not managed to book in advance, there’s still going to be available, though it would cost more than normal. 

How difficult is it to commute in the city during this period?

Traveling during this period is definitely much more hectic than usual. Especially in trains and tourist places, it will be extremely crowded.
Public transport would definitely be packed as it is the only most affordable way for the local people to commute. 

What’s the solution to this?

Chinese New Year is a celebration for many people and there’s plenty of amazing things happening during this period. There will be fireworks displays and so on in every city mentioned – especially during the eve of Chinese New Year. 

In general, traveling in Asia during Chinese New Year will be difficult, but not impossible. The most important thing is to be ready for the crowds and ensure to book your flights/accommodations/transportations in advance. Our travel management system can help you manage your business travel especially during this period, contact us for any queries!