03/02/20203 min read

Well-being for all business travellers while on the road!

There are plenty of things we can and can’t control while when it comes to business travel. 

Business travellers are to take precautions to avoid illness. As we are seeing it happen in real-time with the Coronavirus that is causing travel bans and flights suspensions to reduce the potential spread of the disease. The most important and ethical thing to do as a traveller is that the moment we have got symptoms of an illness, it is important that we start protecting ourselves with a mask and to prevent spreading the infection as well as getting help when needed.

Being sick whilst travelling for work can be something not so severe like a common cold or a dry throat cough or it could be as serious as a virus. Here are some steps you can take if you feel a little off before or during your business trip. 

1.  Take very good care of your cleanliness and hygiene. 

It is not something new to wash hands regularly. Especially when travelling, this habit for cleanliness should be really important for all frequent business traveller. Also, washing your hands after meetings with handshakes and shared items like laptops, products, papers and pen. It would be helpful to bring a hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go and use it frequently. 

2. WATER. 

Apart from hygiene, hydrating yourself is so important, especially when you are travelling and feeling like the first symptoms arise. Carry a reusable water bottle at all times, this will help make it simpler for you to carry your full bottle from the start to the end of each day, 

In addition to hydration, take extra care to sleep, rest, and eat plain, whole foods when you start to feel sick.

3. Excercise!

One of the biggest causes of sickness is the change in your routine. We do not have access to our usual food, usual environment, air, water etc. At a new place, your system could definitely use a little bit of getting used to. 

One of the best ways to avoid being sick is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes more exercise, fresh air and the right meals. It is important to have wellness in the body as well as in the mind during this period. 

4. Medical Kit. 

No, we are not asking you to go Guardian and get their emergency kit. We are encouraging you to bring medicines along with your travel plans. It might be the preferred and most effective treatment for you that you won’t be able to find them. Medicines like probiotics, cold/flu medication, cough drops. 

My personal wellness kit includes Vick’s inhaler, flu/cold medicine as well as essential oils for my time during the flight as well as in the country I am in as my body slowly adjust itself to a new environment. It provides me with a sense of security when I have it with me, especially at a time where I need it the most. 

5. Insurance. 

For all frequent travellers, travel insurance is definitely essential. Business travellers can speak with their HR team or travel manager to see what the company policy is for such travellers during their business trips. 

If you choose to get travel insurance, ensure the requirements for the trips benefits you.
Travel insurance can be used when you have to cut your trip short or for when losing important items such as a wallet, phone or laptop.