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Business trip to Singapore – What to expect?

Singapore has always been known as the country with ” the best airport in the world ” But apart from the airport, Singapore is also one of the best places to visit for leisure and business, especially for its convenience, safety, and cleanliness. Singapore is also well known for its amazing skyline views, delicious food, and its shopping paradise.


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There are many articles that say Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is not as expensive as it seems, especially if you try to live like a local within those days of your business trips. Eating local food, taking public transports which is superbly convenient.

What to pack?

Singapore is a small city, it is a small city hence you would not need to always be taking taxis or public transport to get from one point to the other, so we reckon you pack good, comfortable walking shoes.

If you truly would like to explore Singapore, walk through the greens, the skylines & the neighborhood of the city.

Light clothes! Singapore is a humid country, wear as many light clothes as possible to avoid feeling uncomfortable and to feel less of the warmth there.

Where to eat?

In Singapore, there are 2 very popular questions., “Where to eat? “ & “ What to eat? “

Singapore is definitely an island of food paradise, not only it has amazingly delicious food and many different cuisines, they are all rather cheap as well especially from hawker centers with many local delicacies. They have all sorts of cuisines from Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and many more to choose from!

Going to fine dining restaurants is also great as there are plenty of them in Singapore with great quality and worth of money! However, if you are looking to get drinks with your clients, be aware that liquor, alcohol is very expensive here in Singapore, don’t be alarmed, the expensive price will be worth it by their nice service!

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