Expense Management

The importance of budgeting in business

Budget is one of the best tools to manage your business’s resources. Tracking your business performance against the budget can offer insights you use to solve problems or grab new opportunities.   Here’s how you can take budget management to the next level. We’ll tell you what your business budget can do, what other numbers to […]

13/07/20203 min read

Does your startup need an expense management system?

As a thriving startup company, you will likely find your business in the position of reimbursing employees for business expenses sooner than later. Like every other great company,  do you need to invest in an expense management solution?  So what is an expense management system?  An expense management system allows your company to track business […]

02/07/20202 min read

Newly Launched – Work From Home Expense Report

EzBizTrip has created a new expense report tool for remote workers. This feature will allow businesses to set expenses and ensure claims are submitted on time even when working from home during this pandemic especially.  Check out our Work From Home Expense report automation system! EzBizTrip has created this feature with the main purpose of […]

12/05/20202 min read

Save Time with Online Expense Reporting

All companies are working from home as an act to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.  Organizing expense reports can help you present more complete information about how your company is handling cancellations (and any compensation or refunds),  managing supply chain shortages and claims from employees that are working from home.  The more you can […]

28/04/20203 min read

How Automated Expense Management Works

Technology is advancing and improving day by day, Having to keep up with regular changes, while trying to come up with the next best thing, is hard enough. Having a stable grip on your cash flow and expenses makes managing your business much harder. Fortunately, modern technology advances come with some pretty fantastic business solutions. […]

17/03/20203 min read

Still, grappling on your paper receipts?

Gathering paper receipts, piling, stapling, scanning them. Inserting expenses details, waiting for payment, it is all such a tiresome method, isn’t it? Thankfully, technology has improved and has enabled us to manage our expenses, allow us to book hotels, check out flights all just simply by being on a platform.   On average, business travellers would […]

23/12/20191 min read

How aborting the manual expense saves companies.

Manual processes are so last year! It’s no joke, manual expense reporting slows down the process before it even begins. Each step, someone has to physically touch the expense report, be it to enter a line item into a document or look through a stack of receipts. It can be easy to justify the manual […]

06/11/20192 min read

How to make painful business travel expense claim easy?

Tired of dealing with paper receipts, losing them and having to stuff them all in your wallet for your manager in charge after a work trip? Do you dream of being able to snap a photo of your receipts and just post it all in one platform ensuring all is in check and ready to […]

06/11/20192 min read