06/11/20192 min read

EzBizTrip Business Travel Rewards Program

There will come a point in every company’s beginning where their travel spends would exceed their expectations. When a company grows, there are more customers to visit and employees to travel. This can be a scary moment for the managers and the finance team to watch as the spending increase.

Un-managed business travel

This leaves the company with little control over their employees’ spending and no way to completely track and manage to spend. As a small company, this might be a norm but for most companies, they will need a way to watch their spending as well as having all employees under a single platform.

Strict Policy

Most companies would like to lower costs, improve on reporting and managing expenses. While having strict policy seems like it would lower travel costs as it leaves employees with no choice. It would make the employees feel trapped in a system and it might cause them frustration and negative experience around travelling for work. When employees do not adopt the current solution.

Incentive program

With an incentive program, people do tend to spend less when given the option to earn rewards. We believe that people tend to spend lesser knowing that it would reward them in the end. This incentive reward program is made to make both employees and employers happy in this win-win situation!

EzBizTrip rewards’ program has been built to complete corporate travel. Business travel rewards will solve challenges and will reduce travel costs and improving employee experience.