28/01/20204 min read

How Corporate Travel Services Can Help You

More often than not, employees are needed to travel for work. So does that means your company would require a corporate travel management service to help them manage those trips?

We’re sure that many of you know, business travel management can be really difficult to handle. 

There are policies to set, budgets to comply with, cancellation and change of flights to attend to and so on… and that is just the beginning. 

Travel services or travel management has changed drastically over the past few years. Some services and solutions are definitely still around, but there’s also a new class of travel services that leverage modern technology for them to be able to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. That being said, let’s take a look at the two specific benefits these new travel services and solutions can offer for companies and their travellers.

Travel Services And Solutions Helps Employees Love Business Travel Even More 

Employees love to travel for work because they see it as an opportunity to help with their company’s growth. However, as much as they love travelling for work, the reality is, some employees are so frustrated by complicated booking policies, restrictions, unsupportive booking tools and the lack of support on the road that they’d rather book on their own instead of using the company system. 

Here’s how you make modern and travel-friendly travel services and solutions : 

  • Personalized booking options. Most employees are so frustrated by the inflexible options that they often encounter when booking business trips. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, travel services and solutions are able to generate personalized options within the parameters of company policies. 
  • Consume-Like experiences: Business travellers are accustomed to convenient travel experiences in their consumer lives can actually struggle with the friction and frustrations that often come with legacy corporate travel services and solutions. A simple, straight-forward business travel solution that meets the expectations set by consumer-facing services like – simplifying everything from booking to itinerary change, for instance, and not requiring employees to waste time trying to get in touch with a corporate travel agent service. Travellers are more likely to adopt and follow the company’s program. 
  • Increasing the company’s productivity. The most beneficial option is definitely helping employees to decrease the time spent on booking their trips from flights, lodging to transportations. The modern business travel services reduce the average booking time in some cases from over an hour to just under 8 minutes.

Unfortunately, most travellers report feeling left on their own to deal with unexpected hiccups, such as missed flights, missed connections, cancelled flights, or overbooked hotels. The best travel services and solutions offer much more than just customer support. They will allow travellers to also text or chat in-app with representatives even better, these tools can now proactively recognize and resolve issues. Automatically, re-booking a cancelled flight without having the traveller to light a finger would be the best option. 

More Visibility, More Controls and More Savings. 

The old way of thinking was pretty one-sided. Either business travellers were happy and the company was spending too much as a result, or the company was happy with ( what they thought was ) cost control, but travellers were miserable with bad user experience and a lack of personalization and support. 

  • Complete control and visibility into traveller spend and compliance, creating, updating, and optimizing even the most sophisticated travel policy can be painless if your travel service and solutions offers a built-in dashboards fitted to the needs of your organization, making it so easy to keep an eye on all traveller behaviour right from your admin dashboard. A modern business travel solution can also ensure your company’s policy and is clearly presented throughout the booking experience, so your travellers are always in the loop about everything.
  • A policy that has been made to each unique booking: No two business trips are alike – costs depending on when a trip booked or taken, where the travellers headed and more. By implementing a dynamic policy that can take those factors into account, organizations can improve spending compliance and control by presenting booking policy based on real-time average costs for lodging and flights. 

Basically, handing over your travel program to a trusted travel service partner helps you focus on the bigger picture and to improve the business traveller experience and encourage more growth and better spend management for your business. 

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