03/03/20203 min read

Corporate Travel Services Is Essential- Especially For Smaller Businesses

Business travel expenses can quickly add up and can be quite damaging to any growing businesses. Hence, this is why it’s so important to have a solid business travel management company as soon as you can! 

As a small business employee/owner, how would you go about finding the best corporate travel management?

  • it is wise to hire a travel manager?
  • hiring a travel agency?
  • allowing your business travellers to book for themselves?

The simple way on how to create a good travel program is to put yourselves in the shoes of your travellers. 

You would want to prioritize on managing your corporate travel costs, which means a corporate travel policy has to be put in place, to help keep business travellers within budget and manage expense management. 

Right now, you must be thinking, why would a small company need to prioritise and require a business travel management service? There are only a few people that travel, can’t they just handle it on their own? 

Answer? No.

At the early stage of your business, it is always the best time to get your finance team to track each dollar spent by travellers, HR would be required to check and value employees and most importantly, making them feel cared for especially during the time when they have an issue whilst being out of the country.

This is where a corporate travel management service will come to the rescue!

The importance of having travel management for small businesses. 

Business travel is one of the top expenses that all companies face. For beneficial reasons.

Corporate travel has proved to be one of the best ways to pursue business opportunities, meeting new potential clients and develop relationships and building a network. 

Being in small business and only have “ a few travellers “ does not mean you should ignore your corporate travel program. 

Even with that “ few business travellers “ your travel budget can go way beyond a limit budget if it is not carefully done by the travellers. 

How can you ensure your business travel runs smoothly? It is by ensuring you have all your travel booking necessities in one platform. 

Flights, hotels, itineraries, duration, contact pieces of information, built-in policies will all be accessible in the same place. 

What about reducing the company’s expenses? Creating a corporate travel service is definitely the way to reduce your company’s travel expenses.

In short, when you do not have these tools for your travellers, It could get messy for the finance team they heavily depend on travellers’ to submit their individual receipts and to submit their expenses as well.

This will happen weeks after the trip is over, making a budget for finance almost impossible. 

Most importantly, with a corporate travel program services, managing expenses becomes 100 times easier. Going for dinner with clients? Just can snap a photo of the receipt, upload it to the platform and just like that, an expense report has been instantly created. 

let’s say it louder for the people at the back, having a Corporate travel program – GAME. CHANGER.