02/07/20202 min read

Does your startup need an expense management system?

As a thriving startup company, you will likely find your business in the position of reimbursing employees for business expenses sooner than later. Like every other great company,  do you need to invest in an expense management solution? 

So what is an expense management system? 

An expense management system allows your company to track business expenses, process expense reports, and reimburse employees.

A good business expense management will make it easier and faster for your finance team to send in expense reports & and syncs with your general record for better accuracy and simplified adjustment.

Does a new start-up company need this? 

Honestly, you don’t need an expense management system in the early stages of your business. It’s possible to manually process each expense as it comes in.

The question is whether that’s working for your budget and employee engagement. Implementing a business expense tracking management system early on allows your company to manage expenses proactively and regulate your process with company culture. 

What is the benefit of having an expense management system?

The benefits a modern business platform can provide to a startup are many. They provide visibility into future spend, automate expense tracking, create an efficient process that helps your company save time and money.


For any startup, accounting for business spend is the key to sustainability. An expense management system will allow your startup to see where your company’s money is going, and provide it with enough insight to determine spendings and take action before the money is used.


Automating your expenses can reduce the cost of processing expense reports.

It saves valuable time for the employees who are tracking business expenses and your finance team who is processing them.


Implementing an expense management solution as a startup will allow you to create a process that will grow with your company and make it better for your team. 

Look for a solution that is easy to set up, flexible to use, and helps both your employees tracking expenses.