19/03/20202 min read

EzBizTrip Rewards Program For Better Business Travel

Business travel is usually an investment that will help your business grow, and we want to help you make sure that it is spent wisely. 

Our rewards business travel rewards program incentivizes employees to make better spending decisions and maximize savings by offering them more flexibility and rewarding them when they come under budget. 

Why Offer A Rewards program?

Our rewards program allows your employees to use their judgement to book the travel that makes the most sense for their trip needs while still guiding them to stay under budget.

By offering employees a percentage of the money saved in the form of rewards, they treat the company money like it’s their own money. On top of that, rewards become a perk that they can redeem for services they’re already using frequently. 

And we haven’t even mentioned on the savings yet! Since employees control their earning with their selections of bookings, they are more likely to choose a less expensive flight and hotel and book travel earlier.

How will the rewards get redeemed or calculated?

Using an amazing AI-driven smart suggestion system & algorithm, our real-time pricing data will give you an average calculation for each hotel based on your company policy.

Let’s say you set the percentage to be 50%, so if the budget is $500, and your employees spend $400, you reward your employee with $50 for making a wise decision. Your company saves $50.With an incentive program, people do tend to spend less when given the option to earn rewards.

We believe that people tend to spend lesser knowing that it would reward them in the end. This incentive reward program is made to make both employees and employers happy in this win-win situation!

Business travel rewards programs will solve challenges and will reduce travel costs and improving employee experience.