07/04/20202 min read

How different will travelling look like after COVID-19?

I’m sure there are many questions about the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is going to change our lives. But will it change our lives forever? 

Countries have gone on lockdown, companies and airlines have gone bankrupt, travel companies are laying off a massive amount of workers and hotels have now turned into hospitals. 

When all of this is over and things start turning to “ normal “, Travelling will look very different. 

Here are the possible changes that could happen : 

You would probably need more than a passport

Some countries will not even take the chance of testing at the border, especially if you are coming from an outbreak hotspot.

Entrance will be refused unless you have a certificate that proves you are healthy/ recovered from the infection or if you have been vaccinated ( Once there are vaccines available ) 

Business travel will have to be strictly for a very validated purpose only.

Companies will tighten the number of employees who travels as most countries will likely to only open their borders where there is merit and where it is safe to let travellers going in. 

Packing your bags will be a game-changer 

Even now, our bags have more “ Health-conscious stuff “ than our regular stuff. 

We have been told to wash our hands at least a million times and the only way to do that when water & soap is not near us is having a hand sanitizer.

It could be possible that we might see the reduction of having strict liquid carry-on restrictions as travellers would want to take more than 100ml for hand sanitizers especially on long-haul flights. 

Along with hand sanitizers, of course, people will definitely travel with masks. This could also be a norm once the pandemic is over. 

Sneezing & Coughing will have people staring at you 

Even those who were not infected by COVID-19 or have recovered from COVID-19, the current situation and the conviction with which the world is choosing social distancing will make it socially unacceptable to travel with a cold or any symptoms.

The looks you will get even with just a little cough or sneeze at an airport or on a plane will be terrifying.

So, please be ensure to be socially responsible and not travel even if you have the slightest cold, try to stay home.