04/12/20192 min read

The efficiency of having an automated travel program

Booking Trips : 

Allow business travellers to book their own but within the company’s policy. 

With Ezbiztrip, business travellers are able to book their trips simply by initiating a search. We automatically use their origin, destination and dates to calculate an accurate trip budget based on real market rates. If your company has set up a custom travel policy in the company settings, these will be taken into account. 

The budget shown is the average price and sets the bar for travellers so they will have full insights on their spendings whilst still staying in compliance with the company’s policy. 

Booking approvals : 

The only way travellers are able to book their trip is having their managers/admin approving their trip request prior to that. 

This is to ensure that they would not go over the budget and also they are able to let the manager/admin in charge know should there be any changes in budgets. If the managers do not approve of the changes in the budget, the traveller would be notified and will be sent back to the booking page to revise on their booking.
If the managers do approve, the ticket will automatically be booked a confirmation will be sent to the traveller and an expense is automatically created. 

Expense claims : 

The time has finally come whereby travellers do not have to chase for an expense report again. During their business trip, they are able to snap photos of their receipts and input it to our system. After their trip, they would already have all receipts ready to be submitted to their manager/admin. The manager will receive a notification once employee submits their expense report and it will also be shown to them on the process of their reports eg; pending, approved, rejected, etc..