24/12/20192 min read

Business trips during the holiday season

Everyone wants to be home or anywhere else during the holidays instead of a business trip. 

For those people who are going on business travel during the holidays, here are a few tips on how you can make your business travel better this holiday season. 

1. Take the route less travelled. 

During the holiday season, one thing’s for sure is that everyone wants to get to their destination as quickly as possible. No one would want to deal with the complications of travelling hence they take to the skies. Whilst travelling via a plane is much more desirable for you, it might not be a good solution for you. You should consider travelling by driving, on a couch or even a train, while these options can be time-consuming, try travelling a day earlier than you’re supposed to, this way you will have heaps of time to relax and even do some work while on the move. 

2. Ensure to do your research!

Especially during this season, you have to be aware if there are weather delays or any cancellations for your flights. These delays could last up to 4 hours and you would lose time on this. 

3. Pack essentials only!

Being in an airport during a busy holiday season increases your chance of your bad being lost or misplaced. Try to avoid this by having your belongings with you at all times and this way, you would not have to wait at the baggage claim for your bags. Try to pack only the essential and necessary for this trip so you would have a lighter carry on. 

4. Check-in as early as you can. 

Check-in online! You are able to check-in online 24 hours before your plane departs and you are able to go bypass the line in check-in counter. You are also able to choose your own seats before the other passengers. 

5. Be prepared for things to go wrong.   

As much as we do not want it to happen, life itself is unpredictable. If your business trip is completed but you are stuck because of weather problems, try to be as positive as you can, have a backup plan, enjoy the city and have that time to relax while at it. However, do look for flexible options to return as well.