06/11/20192 min read

How to make painful business travel expense claim easy?

Tired of dealing with paper receipts, losing them and having to stuff them all in your wallet for your manager in charge after a work trip?
Do you dream of being able to snap a photo of your receipts and just post it all in one platform ensuring all is in check and ready to submit for Business Travel Expense Claim?

Well, you have come to the right place!

One of the EzBizTrip features allows you to easily input receipts and data without having to re-key information or risk errors.
Let’s take a look at how this works:

Simply take a photo of your receipts using our Easy Expense Claim feature, this is then added to a new or existing claim, reducing manual entry and increasing visibility.

But nowadays, more receipts are being sent digitally.
Let’s say you pay on your credit card for a hotel stay and receive a receipt via email.
By forwarding the digital receipt, it is the same when using our feature, you will be able to snap all photos, attach it all in our platform so you will not lose sight and will reduce any mistakes. 

Snapping photos of your receipt and upload to Expense Management feature.

This also means that policy compliance and maximum accuracy is assured, and it provides a more in-depth spend report without time-consuming manual data entry. 

And that’s how easy it is to import receipts and create expense claims with EzBizTrip!