03/04/20202 min read

How To Get Rid Of Procrastination

Here are 5 tips on how to overcome that daunting task you have been avoiding :

Identify your weakest point 

The key to beating procrastination is focus. We often give ourselves too many things to do and become overwhelmed. Start by choosing just one thing that you have been procrastinating and make a commitment to complete that task in the next week. 

Start Today 

Once you have narrowed your task to one place, you must take the immediate action. Today. NOW. if it feels daunting or you don’t think you have enough time to complete the task, do the five-minute miracle below. 

Five Minute Miracle 

This is one of the best techniques for people who struggle with procrastination. The Five Minute Miracle involves asking yourself “ Hmm, what action can I take in less than five minutes TODAY that moves this forward even the tiniest bit? Once you have identifies a small action, set a timer for five minutes and spend five minutes working on the task. Research shows that once you start something, you are much more likely to finish it. 

Remember: Small action is still action. Five minutes can make all the difference.

The Power Hour 

A power Hour consists of putting away all distractions and working in concentrated chunks of time ( To begin with, Try to follow the Pomodoro Technique ) Try working no more than 20 minutes and have a 5-minute break after 20 minutes of working. This technique can help harness the power of having an optimal performance of your brain and body. 

Have A Procrastination Power Song. 

Pick a song that really gets you energized, Music works wonders for most people. The brain likes to have a trigger to create a new habit, plus you are more likely to follow through your task when you are feeling good in your body.