03/01/20203 min read

How to have a stress-free business trip!

After travelling frequently, we have learned a thing or two about travelling smartly. 

Be sure to have a clear plan on how you would like to achieve from your trip. As we all know, business trips aren’t cheap and your company would like to see results at the end of your trip. 

Try planning a detailed schedule for your meetings and appointments at least 3 weeks before arrival, this way you will have the time to amend a few things indeed. Setting clear outcomes will keep you focused and maximize your time. 

Whilst creating your schedule, ensure to allow yourself to have time for yourself in between your meetings.

If you do not have your meeting planned well, things will start to pile up and you would not achieve the results that you want and with that, your whole trip is just going to be exhausting and not productive.

If your business trip is for going to your regional/overseas offices, try to make friends with the local workers/managers/secretary and use it to help you prepare better like:

1. Try asking them to arrange airport transfers to and from the airport for you.

2. Get them to help you find the best, convenient hotel for you as well or if you have any corporate deals.

3. If you would require any sort of printed materials, ensure to ask them to print it for you, this will help you save some space for when you pack.

4. Booking of any meeting rooms / Restaurants as required. 

Be sure to thank them for their help and maybe bring some little sweets or chocolates for them as gratitude. This is really important, in certain countries, you would need an adapter so ensure to pack a few adapters to avoid having to choose to charge your laptop, phone or your electric toothbrush. 

Remember to always pack lightly, bring important clothes for your meetings and appointments, but try to limit yourself to one outfit per day especially if you are not going to be there for more than a week. Not only will this save your back, but it will also save at least an hour waiting for checked-in luggage. 

Make sure that these three key areas are covered if you want to have a seamless business travel experience:

  •  Travel smartly – Plan to be at the airport an hour earlier than necessary to allow for any unexpected delays
  •  Plan well – Set clear outcomes that you want to achieve from your trip and allow space in between meetings to breathe
  • Know what to do on the ground – If it is your first trip to a new office, make sure you schedule a time to introduce yourself to as many of your colleagues as possible.