08/01/20203 min read

How to prepare a good itinerary for your business trip.

Are you planning to go on a  business trip? In order to have a successful business trip a good and easy. journey, you will need to focus on a few things and the most important thing would be your itinerary.
Writing a smart and realistic itinerary is definitely not a piece of cake, especially if it is your first time travelling to that specific country. 

With EzBizTrip feature, you are able to create & manage your itineraries before, during & after your trip. You are also able to have full insights and manage your expenses and budget. 


Your plans will not be successful if you are not sure of your budget and spending needs. The first thing you would need is always to figure out how much you are willing to spend on your trip. Whether it is a domestic or international trip, it is your budget limitations and following the company’s policy which will determine what you can and cannot have on your business trip. 

Documents preparation

Get all of your documentary requirements ready. Apart from your passport, flight ticket and other documents, ensure that you have your visa sorted out too if the country you are travelling to would require a visa. Do ensure to check whether you fall in either of these categories to the destination you are visiting. 

Corporate Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance covers you for damages or losses that you may encounter during travel. Usually, travel insurance covers camera damage, cancellation of flight, and theft. However, more often than not, you can expect a lot more than this during your overseas travel, so ensure that you read through the policy and understand whether it covers everything you may need. 

Flights Bookings

This could be a tedious task. However, before you book anything, you must keep a watch on a number of things such as Discounts, layovers, and timings. This is important if you are travelling abroad, especially for a business trip. A longer layover can impact your timing and will increase unproductivity. If you are travelling via trains, busses or cruises, double-check before booking and do research about the credibility of the transport of your choice. 


When booking accommodation, ensure to book a hotel room before travelling to avoid hassles that you would not want to happen. There are many websites that would allow you to compare hotel prices, ratings, and reviews on their platform. 

With EzBizTrip, we will be providing you hotels that have a reputable status and good reviews and you are also able to modify any hotel preference of your choice. 

To find a good hotel, ensure they have great reviews, a facility that allows you to fully rest after a long day at work, and of course, within your budget.

Being a tourist

The country you are going would probably have some places where you can go sight-seeing, you would probably not have the time to visit all of them as some business trips would last about a week and some days you would definitely be tired but ensure to have some days and go out with your local colleagues as they know better and how to travel around.