13/04/20203 min read

How To Work From Home If You’re New At This

Everyone in the world right now is practising working from home, there has been a huge rise in Video Teleconferencing for work. 

Some people are still concerned with how to through a video call without trying to mess it up, clear privacy, and how to become confident in a video call. 

No doubt that this is probably something new for some people and it would take time for them to fully adapt to it. 

So here is something helpful for those who seem to be having trouble with it. 

1. Relax, they’re your colleagues & they are just people… 

Of course, for some people it is weird and it feels strange to be on a video call, but it is the convenience and the improvements in productivity. 

In EzBizTrip, our boss encourages us to be on a video call for zoom so don’t feel lonely and still have the sense of having company and in any case that you have anything to say to the team, you do not need to send a message and wait for their replies. 

2. Grooming does matter

Just like when you are going to the office, if you have a conference call either with your managers/colleagues or with your clients, you should at least look decent in the video call.

Of course, You do not need to have a fancy haircut or wear a tie and a suit, but you do need to look neat.

Don’t go straight from waking up then directly go to a teleconference.

Be sure to wake up 15 minutes before and give yourself some time to shower, brush your hair or maybe just get cleaned up. This way, it would also help you focus better and be less tired than if you just go to a teleconference straight from bed. 

This will become more and more important if working from home continues, looking neat and tidy is also as important as when you go to your offices. 

3. Does background matter?

For some people, being in a teleconference call is like inviting everyone to your home virtually, some may be comfortable with that and some would not. Zoom, fortunately, has a way for you to change your virtual background and make your live background disappear.

This is a wonderful way of doing teleconference calls with confidence as you do not need to worry about what people are going to see in your home. The best way to still have your privacy. 

4. Coordinate with your family 

Working from home is undoubtedly challenging, especially when you have young kids, you have extended family members, roommates or even pets especially puppies. It is definitely impossible to negotiate with babies and puppies, sometimes also extended family members. 

In general, there two kinds of meetings, one where the background could be acceptable, and there are some that noises are unacceptable. Try informing your family members in advance so that they can coordinate with keeping your children occupied. 

5. Eat before you start 

This is not as important as the others, but ensure to eat something but not too much. You would want to keep your stomach from growling enough to be picked up by your colleagues/managers. You would also not want to be eating in front of your video call. 

Similarly, always bring something to drink into your video call. You want to keep your throat from getting dry.