08/07/20203 min read

Implementing Happy Rewards Programme

If you think about it, business travel spend can often feel like an employee vs. the business scenario. A company ideally like to see business travellers spend company money as if it were their own, whereas employees may spend more since they will be reimbursed for their expenses on the road.

However, when it comes to business travel, airline and hotel loyalty programs aren’t the only rewards options available. Today, many organizations have found success in implementing rewards through managed travel. And believe it or not, the company still saves money.

Data-Driven Rewards

So how does it work? From the initial planning phase of a business trip, EzBizTrip pulls together real-time market pricing and calculates a budget based on your company’s travel policy. It even pulls in employee profile data and then provides a trip budget for them to expense against.

With EzBizTrip, you can customize the rewards program you implement by designating the percentage of savings split. We typically suggest dividing the dollars saved right down the middle. For instance, if the calculated hotel budget is $300 and the employee only spends $200, $100 is saved. The employee is rewarded 50% of the savings, or $50, for making a cost-conscious decision and the company saves $50. The business traveller can then redeem their split of the savings on a variety of gift cards.

Everyone Loves Rewards

A travel management company can play a huge role in employee satisfaction. Also, rewards through managed travel give organizations a way to encourage accountability with an employee-first tool that rewards responsible spending.

It isn’t as bad as it may seem

Business travel is stressful. It keeps employees away from their families, regular routines, and the comforts of home. By incentivizing employees to spend company money more wisely and offering them a percentage of the money saved, everyone wins. Employees receive the rewards of smart business decisions and the business appreciates the money saved.

Now, even with a rewards program in place, employees are still able to spend the budget allocated for the trip however they see fit. If they prefer a nicer hotel? No problem. Essentially, their spending decisions dictate the value of the rewards they receive, if any. 

The EzBizTrip team is here to make things faster and easier, to save you money and time, to reward your team for making good choices. What’s even better is that our solution can be implemented quickly. Ready to learn more about how EzBizTrip can help you reward employees for better business decisions? Let’s schedule a time to chat.