13/01/20202 min read

Key features for business travellers

The travel management system is like the backbone for all business trips. It will provide you with your travel itinerary and support for your travel planning. Since it is so important, you would want to make sure you are choosing the right platform to use for travelling to your company. 

How does a travel management system work?

A travel management service allows managers to book, monitor and increase productivity in the industry. It usually refers to a platform that provides flight options, travel policy, and expense management that is relevant in the process of handling business trips. 

This is why EzBizTrip provides all of them in one single platform, making it easy for managers & travellers to manage their business trips. 

Here are some ways how travel management services will make it easier for you for your business travel :

Customization travel policies

This is one of the main characteristics of a travel management system. The travel management system will enable you to customize the travel itinerary, so it works at any time anyone makes a booking. 

No Redirects

It’s really bothersome if you book a business trip and get diverted, especially if you are not sure if you’re going to be redirected or not.

Travel spend reporting

Here are a few items that you want to track:

  • Travel spend by the duration
  • Travel spend by department or team
  • Amount of travel spend booked out of policy
  • Travel pay by project or client or event

With EzBizTrip, You can book your business trips in just a single platform.

It is probably the easiest and efficient way to track and manage your business travel.

No long term contracts

Try our system, see if it’s a pleasure and let us know if it’s not, or if you have any other ways you would like to give feedback to us.