06/11/20192 min read

How aborting the manual expense saves companies.

Manual processes are so last year!

It’s no joke, manual expense reporting slows down the process before it even begins. Each step, someone has to physically touch the expense report, be it to enter a line item into a document or look through a stack of receipts. It can be easy to justify the manual process by saying this only takes minutes to do each task, but minutes quickly add up to quite a few dollars in the long run.

Speaking of that stack of receipts, even right now precious paperwork is making its way through your office to the finance department. Something might be lost and never to be found again, making reconciliation unnecessarily hard. The entire process just feels old and tired.

It is time for a change! 

Saving time equates to many amazing things like saving money and an increase in productivity. It keeps the expense management process moving forward which we believe is what makes both employees and employers happy. 

With a system like ours, you can simply just put your phone out and capture all receipts photos and easily submit your expenses on the go.
It would definitely avoid situations such as losing receipts on the road, in the office or in any situation which might happen.