20/01/20202 min read

Positive effects of changing travel management

Some businesses changes travel management programme for a few reasons. There is almost always resistant to change and the process can be lengthy and complicated. 

Good change management can help make the transition as smooth as possible and it requires travel managers to engage their travellers who need to be involved before and during the decision-making.

Would travellers want a more user-friendly business travel technology?

  • Changing travel management company can be time-consuming and costly.
    You should look to identify a travel management company that can deliver the programme that has up-to-date business travel technology with the capacity to deliver what travellers want. 
  • Changing travel management company will only work if all, whether travellers or other managers are on board. Introducing a new travel management company may be accompanied by other fundamental changes such as introducing an integrated travel and expense management system.
    Switching to a travel management company should be a happy and positive thing and it should be embraced.
    Imagine a new booking tool that is user-friendly, a single platform to a wide range of relevant content that was only previously accessible through different sources.
  • Business travel is evolving and it will evolve even more in the future. Make sure you do have a travel management company that is already equipped for future business travel.
    The composition of your teams and processes may need updating.
    New business travel technology means a more integrated travel programme that is able to integrate travel program, updating PNRs ( Passenger name records ), frequent flyer programmes and special service requests like seat preferences, meal requirements and assistance if need be.