17/01/20202 min read

Rules & Etiquette For Business Travelers

Let’s be frank here, business travel can be very stressful. However, following proper travel etiquette will make your experience far better for you and those around you. 

Being Nice. 

Being nice should be a given, It is not even something someone should be telling you. Workers in the airport, especially gate agents, have a huge job, they have to make sure everyone gets on the aeroplane safely and ensuring the flight to depart on time.

Carry Your Bag, Forward.

When boarding the plane, try carrying your purse or bad in front of you.
Remember to always watch your backpacks. Other passengers’ heads, shoulders, and arms are usually the targets as you and your belongings make your way down the aisle. It will also speed up boarding if you get all your stuff in one direction. 

Use the Space Associated With Your Row

You should not place your bags in a row at the front of the aircraft because you fear that you might not have enough space near your seat. This would take up the spaces of other passengers on that row and would slow down the process of people finding their seats in the aircraft. 

Do Not Cut The Line 

When the seat-belt sign turns off and it’s time to get off the plane, do not rush for the cabin crew has offered that for individuals with tight flight connections.
You are not the only one that has to be somewhere and the process works better and efficiently if we all merge into the aisle, row by row. If you rush to the front, you would just create a jam and would definitely slow down the entire process for everybody. 

Do Your Global Check 

When it comes to travelling internationally, especially for professional engagement, it is of the utmost importance to remember that you are a visitor. Take it upon yourself ahead of time to research the customs, culture, and other details of the new country you’re visiting ahead of time. You want to positively represent yourself, your organization, and road warriors everywhere.

Wherever your next business trip will be, EzBizTrip hope that you will be able to apply these rules.