24/04/20203 min read

Singapore Circuit Breaker Extended

Singapore has announced an extension to the “ Circuit breaker “ to June 1st and it’s really sad. We have only been under lockdown since April 7 and the circuit breaker was meant to be potentially eased on May 4th. The sudden explosion of cases in Migrant Worker Dorms over the last week and a half put the breaks on any dreams and expectations of easing restrictions in early May. 

At this moment in time, It is definitely a crushing feeling knowing we are going to be on lockdown for the next 39 days. The rational side of my brain is saying “ good, this definitely needs to happen so that the virus can be contained and will be under control “  while the other side is screaming “ OH MY GOD I CAN’T STAND ANOTHER DAY OF WFH, NO BUBBLE TEAS?! MCDONALD’S ARE CLOSED TOO?! How am I going to cope with this?! I NEED OUTDOORS. “

This is what it must have felt for all the Chinese, Italians, Spanish and French as they ensured and continue to endure in many cases. It feels like an endless day at home, worried for their health and longing to do anything that just feels normal again.

So now what?

What matters most is what you do when and as that moment happens to you. I get the feeling, that itch, that urge to regain a sense of control. The anxiety that comes along with it is noticeable and clear. There’s a reason why mental health professionals exist, and they’ve been coming up with some great coping mechanisms to help when you’ve hit a wall.

It’s OK to ‘be scared

For as long as we stay home and not risk ourselves and others by being outside, we are already helping.

With all the uncertainty there is right now, it is normal that everyone is freaking out and scared. You can be scared but don’t be too invested in it as being stressed can affect our immune system and that is the last thing we want right now.

During this time, we should upgrade our skills, be closer to our families and maybe, learn how to cook?

We are in this together

We are all in this together, It is important to know that we have to work together as a united nation to overcome this pandemic for the sake of our senior citizens and foreign workers who are largely at risk right now.