22/11/20193 min read

Different Weather Hurdles For Business Travellers

Weather delays can be stressful and annoying. That’s why we will give you some tips to get you to your destination during the good and bad weather. 

Picture this: Your company requires you to travel to Japan to close an amazing deal that you have been working on for the past year hence this trip would be very important to you and your company. Once you have reached Changing Airport, you get the news that the snowstorm is coming towards Tokyo, your flight is then delayed by a few hours and then eventually it will be on the verge of getting cancelled. You start to panic because this meeting is important as you have to close the deal with this company. When the weather gets in the way of you and your travel plans, what do you reckon would be a good thing to do next as a business traveller? 

When the weather is good 

The best weather mainly occurs during Summer & Spring, these periods are also the busiest time to travel as many people would go for their vacations. Though the airport would be full of people during these seasons for their vacation, even if it results in unbearable long lines of security checks, this is much better than weather delays. You can plan ahead by : 

  1. Pack lightly so you can move around quickly through the airport and security and get going fast. 
  2. Head to the airport earlier than usual, this would save you heaps of time for when you check-in and board the gate. 
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When the weather is bad

Heavy rain or snow are mostly the cause of delayed flights. If you are flying to a destination the has frequent bad weather, make sure you know when would be the best time to travel there. These delays are tough to avoid but the best thing you can do is to stay busy and hop on the next available flight to reach your destination. Here are some things you can do to kill time when your flight is delayed : 

  1. If you are in Singapore Changi Airport, you are in luck. There are so many things you can do there! You could watch a movie at their theatre lounge for free. You can visit their beautiful garden, swimming pool and go to their entertainment deck as well. 
  2. Explore the town you’re in ( for lengthy delays ) 
  3. You can actually finish up some work while waiting for your flight to be continued

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