02/12/20191 min read

This is what automated travel and expense looks like

We know that time is money and with every new technological advancement, it seems that other task will be getting automated. This is great news for your finance department as it means less time spent on administrative work = more productivity.

With Ezbiztrip, business travellers create a new trip by requesting it to manager/admin in charge. Once their request has been approved, they will be notified and can go ahead with booking their trips.

For example, Singapore to Jakarta for 3 days in December. Our system automatically uses your travellers’ origin, destination and schedules to calculate a trip budget based on real-time markets. The budget shown on the booking screen as an average price and then have it set for travellers so that they will roughly have an idea on how much they are able to spend on tickets, hotel, meals per day etc. However, if your company has set up a custom travel policy in the company settings, these parameters will be taken into account.