16/01/20202 min read

Travel Management system For 2020

A company that sends its employees to business travel frequently would definitely need to have a travel management system. 

For today’s business travelers, technology is everything. They measure how satisfied they were with a trip literally based on how technology, mostly mobile, makes their overall experience easier. Nowadays, everything starts with your phone and ends with your phone hence why a travel management system would be convenient for your travelers. 
Despite the desire to use mobile on work trips, business travelers have been surprisingly slow to adopt to travel management systems. Instead, they would still continue to do their usual – Travel agents, TMC websites to manage their bookings to making changes to contacting customer service. 

But why? Because, not only will business travelers enjoy a faster and more personalized experience on any mobile device, but travel managers, arrangers, and assistants will benefit too. 

Here’s what the travel management system looks like : 

  • Automated expenses 
  • Live data analytics 
  • Travel policies 
  • Customer support 
  • Managing travel at your own time 
  • Insights on itineraries, budgets, spending. 

With all of these at your fingertips, you are able to focus more on your:

  • Projects 
  • Work Loads 
  • Meetings 
  • Rest 
  • Being a tourist 

You don’t have to constantly call your secretary for updates/cancellations/amendments and wait for their response. Having a Travel Management System allows you to do it at any given time during your trips. 

This would increase your productivity when it is nearing your reimbursement period. You would not need to draft a whole excel sheet for your claims, or a long email anymore. Depending on the company’s policy you would probably need to still have hard copies of your receipts. 

Our goal as a Corporate Travel Management system is to ensure that business travelers are able to travel easily and make little efforts with the whole tiring process of bookings, claiming and reports.