24/03/20204 min read

Ways to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

There is no doubt during this time, where we have all been hit a rough patch in life. We are all battling the war of the Covid 19.

you might be struggling from cutting on work hours, working from home with kids, or even getting an unpaid leave. Just know that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Although you might not see it, there is always hope. Nothing lasts forever, not even bad times. 

how can we remain positive?

Realize How Far You Have Come 

In order to keep going despite this obstacle, it is important to take a moment or two to look around. Look at where you are standing now compared to when you first started. Look at how many obstacles and challenges you have overcome and managed successfully. 

Tough times do not last, but tough people do. 

Think Of Why You Started In The Beginning

As a human being, we always need something to cling on, in order to keep your courage and remind yourself why you started doing something in the first place. Without this, you will be quick to get distracted from your main focus and starts to wander around. 

Sometimes, life can be a bit of a fight, especially within yourself. So, having your reasons to continue pulling through will always help you when times are tough. 

Use The ‘What If-And Then’ Planning 

When the going gets tough in your life, one of the most effective frameworks that you can get into place is called the ‘ if-then ‘ planning. 

It helps you to make sense of confusing situations and be able to take action when you are struggling. 

It goes as follows : 

If x happens, I will do y. 

For example: 

“ If I start to have negative thoughts, I will take ten seconds to just breathe. “

“ If I feel extremely stressed for three days in a row, I will take the fourth day off to recover and reset “

This strategy and way of thinking take away the element of thinking, planning and worrying as you already know exactly what you need to do in each situation. 

Find A Mentor

With the internet, there are many ways to get into the world’s top minds and to see what they do in their own lives when the going gets tough for them.

Most successful people have had to overcome some serious struggles to get to where they are.

There aren’t any successful people in this world that does not struggle to get to where they are or suffer any inconvenience in their life. 

You should try to take some inspiration from these people that you can find on Youtube or even in LinkedIn.

It is worth knowing that nobody is trying to live their best life can ever get through it without their fair share of challenges to overcome. 

Get out of your head!

Sometimes, of all the thinking, planning, worrying does not get you anywhere.

In fact, for the serial thinkers and problem-solvers out there, it is oftentimes that too much in your head can result in an even more struggle rather than a release of it. 

Your mind can become a tyrant and it is worth being aware of this. 

When you feel your own thoughts weighing you down and you are not being able to stop overthinking of certain situations, it is definitely time for you to step out of your mind for a little while and get into your body. The moment you feel that you are thinking negatively, stop and get up. Literally get up to go to the park, lift some weights, go for a run. Just be active.

The mind and body are much more connected than most people think. Especially when it comes to emotions and fears and doing something beneficial for the body often benefits the unsettled mind as well.