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Hi, We Are Business Travel Platform “EzBizTrip”.

EzBizTrip was founded with the ultimate goal of making business trips less painful and more rewarding and offers an innovative way to make business trips enjoyable. 

“On average, business travellers spend at least 20 minutes trying to file and manage their expenses from a three-day work trip,” shared Takaya Tomose, Chief Executive Officer of EzBizTrip. 

“I attend business trips about 180 days in a year and I’ve always felt that arranging the trip and sorting my travel expenses wasted my precious time. That amount of time would be much more useful if spent on doing actual work and being productive. “ Added Takaya who has also reached out to business travellers around South-East Asia region to let them experience the platform’s capabilities. 

It conducts a smart algorithm to be the most valuable suggestion based on AI-driven smart recommendations,  flexible expense tracking and a rewards program that incentivizes employees for saving on their corporate travel. 

Features and benefits of EzBizTrip include. 

Expense Management System 

EzBizTrip focuses on increasing productivity for employees while on the road.

This, amongst other features, allows travellers to manage and track their expenses by snapping photos of their receipts and attach it to their system at any time. This means lesser obstacles and receiving full reimbursement for the trip upon their return. 

AI-driven Smart Suggestion system

Corporate travellers on EzBizTrip can create itineraries on the platform with the help of “AI-driven smart suggestions”. It provides a recommendation engine serving personalized results based on preferences, past bookings and company policy. This will ensure 100% compliance and immediate savings.  

Happy Rewards program

Business travel rewards program encourages employees to spend wisely, incentivizing them to make cost-conscious choices through rewards that will be given according to the company’s policy. This means, the company will benefit and influence employees to save cost at the same time rewarding them for it, this eventually creates a positive influence and mindset for the employee. 

Localised Support in most of South-East Asia

EzBizTrip is also supporting  5 other languages: Japanese, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese.

Meet The EzPeepz!

Meet the small & dynamic team that works relentlessly to ensure the smooth travelling experience for your company.

Business Travel platform "EzBizTrip" Vietnam team
Business Travel platform “EzBizTrip” Vietnam team

In summary, EzBizTrip is an integrated travel management platform for corporate travellers on the move. Driven by innovation, the platform harnesses the power of automation, artificial intelligence, smart algorithms and incentivization to make business travel planning easier and more enjoyable. 

For more information, please free to contact us at +65 261 3219, email contact@ezbiztrip.com or visit website www.ezbiztrip.com .