23/03/20203 min read

What You Should Do To Successfully Work From Home

We all hate the sardine-packed train in the morning, don’t we? We wish we can just work from home or go to the office in a non-peak hour period. We wish to have that 30 minutes more sleep and enjoy a good breakfast at home in our pyjamas peacefully. Well, IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING. 

They say to be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it, is it entirely good to work from home? 

How much can you achieve? How productive can you get when you are in a surrounding that is familiar and a place of your comfort? 

Distractions can be very destructive. So here we have list down 5 things you should do in order to be productive by working from home.

Start with a solid routine

Changing your routine takes time. If working from home is new to you, then this will take a while to adapt but as soon you have set certain boundaries the better it would be. In the beginning,  is always to find a good place in your home to work, try to be in a place and position where you get the most light in the morning. Ensure that you will be at your desk by a set time. You can now finally hit the snooze button but imagine the feeling you get when you get to finish all of your work by 10 am? 

Set certain rules & objectives for yourself and be productive!

Eliminate your distractions 

In the office, we can get distracted for 1 or 2 minutes and then you will start seeing all eyes on you, but home, this is where your discipline will be tested. Try to put your phone of our your sight when you are working or put it on an Airplane mode at the very least. A WhatsApp notification is distracting, So is Instagram and let’s not get started on TikTok.. Or your FoodPanda notifications. Try saving those messages and notifications for when you have your lunch break or tea breaks. 


Ensure that you are not distracting yourself and have the ability to juggle your time carefully. Make sure your hands are free when you are working and your focus is 100% on your work and not the yoghurt or chocolates that you’re snacking on. But also, do not overstretch yourself, stop get to up if you need. Give yourself a time limit for every breaks that you take, this will refresh your eyes and stop you from getting bored and tired. 


Do you often wake up and think “ What should I do today “ When this happens, start to take actions immediately because this will lead to boredom and boredom leads to procrastination. This is where you should start writing a list of the day you have decided you would like to have. Take ten minutes before you sleep every night and make a next day list. Give yourself something to be excited for as a form of motivation.
Most importantly, know what you want and give yourself a time frame for that in order to execute it well!

Don’t forget to put on some music!

Your working environment is key. Try being in a room where there will be lots of lights. Move your working space if you need until you are satisfied. Working in silences can set off the mood a little bit. Try putting on a music playlist from Spotify and find a focus playlist. To be honest, my personal favourite is Beyonce’s playlist. But to each it’s own.