19/02/20203 min read

When booking accommodation for a business trip

How to ensure that you are booking a nice hotel for your business trip? 

Location, Location, Location

There are a few ways for business travellers to book hotels and deal with pricing issues. The first thing to do is always take note of your location. Location is the prime factor for business travellers’ to select a hotel. Try to follow the rule and make it much easier when you are in a different city and not that familiar to commute. The convenience of your locations also means that you should ensure to go to a location where it is near to your place of work and with the less traffic. This way, you can navigate rush hour and not be late your appointments/meetings. 

Do your homework

Once you have been assigned to a business travel plan by your employer, you should already be checking the city that you are heading to. You might check sites like Trivago or Booking.com and all the reviews that they showcase on their websites from the ratings of the hotel to how convenient it is to get around the city from the hotel. 

Look at reviews 

Of course, some reviews and ratings should not have been your own way of finding accommodation. There are plenty of other travel sites and reviews from people who have stayed there and have experienced the good and bad experiences. This will give you a better idea of what you will get yourself into. 


This is ultimately the most important and most obvious but you should check that the hotel you are going to book has free Wi-Fi available with no extra charges. Most of the time hotels will advertise and show that they have Wi-Fi but not mention that it will cost money. The last thing you need is to have to pay for something that should have been included. 


It is fairly important to feel safe when staying in another country or an unfamiliar place. If possible, stay somewhere with a well-equipped reception and a 24-hour security and reception staff. This will ensure that only hotel guests can be allowed on the premises. 

Stay away from popular attractions 

It’s definitely nice to be near to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The London Eye or the Sydney Opera House from your window but this would only increase the price you’re paying and will probably be above your trip budget. If you are travelling for leisure, it would definitely be above your budget limit as well. 

Manage your spending

Unless you have a client to attend business meetings over lunch/dinner with, try to not over-indulge on your spending. So while you have the urge to splash out, try to resist it for something a little more practical.