07/02/20203 min read

Why Companies Should Use Online Booking System

A modernized travel booking process provides significant advantages for businesses to improve their productivity and implement great cost savings.
On average, business travelers usually bring 4 devices with them.
Hence, it is becoming more important for companies to invest in a modern travel booking tool that would meet the needs of their business travelers.
Whether you are the decision-maker, assistant to book or traveler, an online booking system can easily provide the perfect service to your travel management needs. 

1. Save Money And Time

Usually, travelers are more likely to opt for a cheaper airfare if the cost difference is visually represented before them.
This concept of “ visual guilt “ can drive airfare savings up to 10 % for companies.
Also, some online booking system requires travelers to submit a reason for choosing a flight or hotel if it isn’t the cheapest available.
This way, companies are able to detect and be able to resolve savings.
An online travel booking also saves time by streamlining the booking process. 

2. Increase employee productivity

Online booking system helps eliminate the need for a third party booker, allowing most PA’s or Secretary to focus on their day jobs.
Most travel management companies, such as EzBizTrip, provide training to ensure that everyone within the company knows how to use the online travel management booking system so that companies would be assured that they are getting most for their travel solution.
Online travel management allows them to set different authority levels for different users ( person help to book, approvers, travelers ), modern travel management booking system also store all user information leaving less room for error when it comes to booking.

3. Services 

Online Travel management system has evolved within the last few years and is now offering a service from top to bottom.
It provides tools that stores require personal information for each traveler, such as frequent flyer information, preferred airlines, hotels.
Different filter options allow for such customized content display options.
You can personalize your display options whether you prefer the content displayed in lists or maps, you can personalize your display to what best suits your company and yourself. 

4. Travel Policy Compliance 

A complete configuration of your company’s travel policy that would restrict users from booking any trips that do not comply with the company’s travel policy. }
This may involve only showing content from preferred airlines, hotels or removing options that are above price limits.
If your company has negotiated on rates with a certain supplier, EzBizTrip is able to upload these into your travelling management system and upload restricted bookings as well.
If necessary, it will trigger an approval request for the travelers’ to be able to book any options that might go over the travel policy that’s being placed. 

5. Fast Booking

You would not need to worry about having to contact a third party anymore to change travel arrangements.
The ability to complete your bookings on your desktop or mobile phone means that if a delay would prevent you from making a connecting flight, you can immediately book a later alternative no matter where you are. You can even book flights before you land with your in-flight Wi-Fi service.