15/01/20203 min read

Why Corporate Travel Policy Is Important

Those of you who travel frequently for work, who often go on business trips week after week – You will be pleased to know that there are more and more companies that are looking for the best solutions to reduce stress and painful journeys for their employees.

They are realizing that putting the needs of a frequent business traveler first to ensure that their travelers are happy would require a travel policy that is not solely focused on travel expenses and vendors but instead, taking into account on employee wellness – From just a normal employee to a COO, it just makes everyone’s working lives that much easier.

Hence, if you are currently in the middle of bad business travel or you are currently in a company that has not implemented travel policy, you should share with them the 3 important reasons why corporate travel policy is important. 

1.  Job Satisfaction 

Business travel influences how employees feel about their current job and company. When they travel, they are often alone and that can trigger emotions. Time spent away from family affects people’s lives directly.
If you are traveling a lot as part of your role, it is helpful to know before-hand what the conditions are going to be. A travel policy that makes employees feel that you have put their needs first makes travelers satisfied. 

2. Work-life Balance 

In Singapore, it is becoming more common that you work until late night, thankless nights hunching over unfinished reports in the office while eating your dinner at your desk. 

To do a good job, employees need the right conditions and the right balance. This would not stop at having an overall corporate wellness policy. Travel policies also need to reflect the flexibility for their employees’ wants and needs regarding their schedules while on the road, especially when they have families.

This can be anything from wanting to get a business trip done and dusted and get back home, or, alternatively, being able to have some leisure time or giving them enough time to relax and explore. 

3. Well-being 

Giving news to your family and friends from yet another country and from various locations every month or posting pictures of yet another trip can make traveling for business seem glamorous. At times, we are sure you would probably have a few “ This is the life “ moments, but as always, the grass is always greener on the other side. Business travel can have a lasting impact on health, be it physically or psychologically. Travelers should be safeguarded against these as much as possible by their employers. Once again, travel policy is coming to the rescue! Policies can stipulate for certain accommodations, it can literally be – Hotels closer to offices no matter the price, with gyms, close to good – healthy dining options, close to attractions.
Certain considerations can also be made for employees once they return like working from home or resting for the next day at work. 

A smart company would definitely be creative with their travel policies to ensure that they are looking out for travelers needs. 

The benefits that come from having a company travel policy are beyond doubt. As someone who has to travel as part of their job, this area is bound to have the most impact on your experience of it. A company lacking a good travel policy is unlikely to have the right measures to ensure an employee can not only do their job well but also have a great time doing it.