09/04/20205 min read

Why Having a Goals Strategy Can Help You Achieve More

Why Having a good goal strategy can help you achieve better. 

The challenge most people have with setting goals is to figure out how to achieve them. Many goals end up abandoned because they can become a burden rather than an inspiration. When you don’t set an objective strategy, achieving your goals will only be a fantasy. 

Whats is an objective strategy?

An objective goals strategy is an approach you can take to achieve your set goals. It is more like a plan of action and set of tactics you deploy to ensure that you accomplish the things you set out to do. 

Why you should have an Objective strategy 

A goal being attempted without a strategy will lead to frustration or demotivation. This is because there can be unforeseen internal and external forces that can work against your goal. Your strategy is meant to help you confront these unforeseen challenges. 

What should your objective strategy include?

Your strategy should consist of basic plans, emergency plans, concrete and other actions you are willing to take to achieve your goals. 

1. Have an Action plan 

Your action plan will show you a clear outlook of how you want your goals to be achieved. It would include specific things you have to do and the moves you have to make to achieve your goal. 

Maybe a clear example : 

If you intend to save up an amount of money over a period of a year, your action plan will have a normal plan of setting aside a certain amount of money and also details on how much you should be spending in detail and also to cut down some other expenses to be able to achieve your goal. 

2. Focus on the present and not so much on the results. 

One of the best strategies you can deploy to achieve your goals is to focus on the processes involved in achieving your goals rather than the end results when you focus your energy on the process, you have greater chances of hitting your goals. 

3. Try to focus on one thing first 

One of the reasons people often find it impossible to reach their goals is because they run after too many goals at a time. While you can have multiple goals, channelling your energy on one goal at a time will make a difference, 

This is a strategy that would definitely work. Human nature is not wired to perform optimally when its energy is diverted into too many things at one time. Focusing on area means prioritizing your goals taking it one at a time, and then move to the next thing. 

4. Plan for changes & challenges 

Another good strategy you can put in place for your goals strategy is contingency planning. There are many things that are beyond your control, for example, the COVID-19 outbreak, these uncertainties can affect your goals and achievement. The COVID-19 outbreak has lead to many shut-downs, retrenchments and with the world going on lockdown, it just seems impossible to get things done. 

When this happens, you will need an alternative plan to be able to achieve your goals. 

5. Be open to new directions / new ways 

Situation changes to anyone, at any point in time. Embracing new ways, approaches or directions could possibly be another way to reach your goals. 

6. Practice what you preach

Your dreams and goals to be successful have to be worked on daily and always keep your mind on them. This might be as simple as thinking about it every morning when you’re awake, what you have done and what you still can be doing to reach your goal. It can also involve taking actions like a phone call, an email reminder or any sort of communications to your mentor that is connected to your goal. 

7. Accept Failure 

If you don’t focus too much on failure, you will give your best to the processes involved in achieving your goals. Sometimes, not being sure of what the outcome might be can prevent us from giving our best because we are not sure if it will work out, or all of our efforts go down the drain. 

However, when we are familiar with failure, we will give our best to the processes knowing that achieving your goals will pay off. The results of this approach are surprisingly impressive. However, even if it turns out that it truly failed, you will be proud that you gave your best. 

With the wild-fire spread of COVID-19 all over the world, it is easy to feel demotivated and give, offices and cities have been on lockdown and it hard to concentrate on positive while everything happening around us seems to be negative. 

But storms don’t last forever and we hope this will only make businesses stronger while dealing with this difficult time.