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Contact us any time: support@ezbiztrip.com

How to book Flight and Hotel?

1. Log in to your corporate account
2. Ensure your trip request has already been submitted and approved
3. Go to “Book” at the top menu
4. Choose either “Combo” or “Flight/Hotel” at the left bar
5. Locate your approved Trip in the drop down
6. Enter all relevant trip details and click “search”
7. Choose from combo of flight and hotel or individual flight/hotel
8. Complete payment details (you will receive a notification of confirmed flight/hotel booking)

How can I know if my flight tickets and hotel bookings are confirmed?

Once your booking is completed and payment made successfully, you can access “Itinerary” under the respective business trips to view your tickets. Allow some delay time for booking information to appear.

Can I cancel my tickets?

Yes, you can cancel your ticket based on the policy of your flight or hotel ticket. You can view hotel/flight policy on Itinerary part at single hotel/flight booking. 

Our Travel Concierge is available 8am-5pm GMT+7:00 to help you with your travel needs including changes and cancellations booked through EzBizTrip. You can get in touch with our team via email or in-app chat during this time.

Can I see itinerary of trip history?

Yes, you can see the itinerary of your trip history:

1. Go to “MyTravel” at the top menu
2. Choose any of the trip under “Business Trips” and click into it
3. Click “Itinerary” to see the trip’s information

Note: Itinerary will help to guide information of your business trip itinerary including trip plan, flight tickets, hotel order, meeting and event plans. You can view expense at Upcoming trip, On-going trip, Finished trip and Completed trip.

It helps you track your trip and plan for future events if any.

It also helps to be a reference if you want to create a new trip at the same destination in the future.

How can I create a Trip Request?

1. Log in to your corporate account
2. Go to “Create a Trip” on the top menu
3. Fill in all the relevant details under “Business Trip” and click “Review”
4. Check if all the details are correct then click “Submit”

Note: Your request for the trip is sent to the approving department for approval before you can proceed with the rest of the booking.