Hello, How can we help?

Contact us any time: support@ezbiztrip.com

Can I edit the expense after it is submitted for approval?

Expenses that are submitted can no longer be edited.
Always check your expense information before submitting it for approval.

How much does the subscription cost?

The subscription of $1/user/month to use EzBizTrip’s platform has been waived off for the 1st year and we have plans to waive it off in the future.
Stay tuned for more information.

Is your expense management software integrated with any other accounting software?

We are currently not integrated directly with any accounting software at the moment.

But you can use the download button to export your expenses to upload to other accounting softwares

Where can I retrieve my receipts after I uploaded it?

Step 1: Go to”Expenses” at top menu
Step 2: Click and choose the expense that you want to retrieve
Step 3: Check the boxes of the expense that contains the receipts you want to download
Step 4: Click on “Download”

The receipts that I uploaded 2 years ago is no longer found in your system. Where did it go?

Users are encouraged to periodically back up their EzBizTrip data.

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