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Why do I want to provide rewards for my travelling employees?

Putting in place a cost savings policy/tool will allow travellers/users to self regulate the way they choose their travel options and the amount they spend.
Also, it never hurts to be a little more frugal in travel spending and best of all, everyone gets to benefit from such policy.

How is the amount of Rewards points calculated for the users in my company?

Rewards points generated through cost savings by travellers will be used for exchanging rewards.
For example:
If a trip’s budget flight, hotel and travel expenses is set at $1000.
Business traveller is able to complete all bookings and travel expenditure for $500
The total cost savings is $1000 – $500 = $500
If the amount of rewards percentage set by admin is 60% for Traveller and 40% for Company, Traveller will be entitled to 60% of the cost savings which is $500 x 60% = $300 to be exchanged for rewards point

Can I change the Rewards Policy?

Yes, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your profile icon and click on “Company Settings”
2. Choose “Reward Policy”
3. Change the Rewards sharing percentage by dragging the percentage bar to the desired number