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How can I add & claim expense?

When your trip request has been approved, you can add expense for your trip along with book a flight/hotel for your trip. You only need to click on “Add expense” button on My Travel page or on Expense page.

  • Name of expenses: Your expense name, e.g Hotel cost in California, Flight ticket to Bangkok…
  • Add to trip: You can choose to assign expense to a trip which has been created. 
  • Expense category: You can choose expense category for report later.
  • Vendor name: Name of vendor providing services
  • City: Name of city used
  • Attendees: Insert employee’s email and sharing percentage of the expense. The system will allocate cost to each person after employer approved. 
  • Transaction date: Date of expense made
  • Account: Type of account used to pay for expenses
  • Amount: expense amount 
  • Receipt: receipt/bills of expense should be input here.Message: Leave messages to your employer about your expense claim
  • Message: Leave messages to your employer about your expense claim

After created, your expense will be saved on Expense part of each trip. You could click on button “Claim” to send expense request to manager for approval and you would no longer edit your expense. If your expenses are rejected or approved, you will be notified via email for the final decision.