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How can I approve Employee’s trip request or expense?

First and foremost, ensure that your department settings is already set up and your account is set as the approver.

You will get notification of your employee’s trip request or expense claim.
1. Go to “Approval” at the top menu, then click on ‘Trip and budget”
2. Choose “Pending Trip and budgets” and go to the relevant request or Expense to see details before deciding to approve or not.
3. The system will show you Trip request or Expense details:
Name of expense, expense category, transaction date, vendor name, city, amount of expense, account used to pay, and message from employee.
Name of trip, expense categories selected, total trip budget amount and message from employee.

For each expense category, you can see travel policy applied to this employee account.
You can either leave a message by your own or use quick input by system for your decision.
Once approved, trip request or expense cannot be adjust.
You only can view history trips/expense claims that has been approved or rejected.